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Who is National PET Scan

National PET Scan operates out-patient imaging centers in the state of Florida, specializing in providing superior medical scans.  PET/CT is offered at our ACR accredited facilities.  We are committed to providing expert radiology in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  We understand that medical testing can be very stressful.  To minimize this, we offer our patients private suites, where you can relax in a comfortable lounge chair accompanied by your family and friends.  Our personal front staff exudes professionalism, while assisting with registration. Our knowledgeable technologists work hard to make you feel comfortable, and are happy to answer any of your questions.  Each of our technologists comes with twenty years of experience or more.  Our goal at National PET Scan is to make your experience with us the best it can be, while providing superior service.  We maintain patient confidentiality and are HIPAA compliant at all stages, from scheduling through to report delivery.

Who is our Radiologist

Our Radiologist, Eric K. Cotton, M.D. brings nearly twenty years of radiology experience.  He is board certified in both nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology. He received his fellowship in nuclear medicine from Emory Medical School.  Dr. Cotton is recognized as one of the leading professional resources in Florida in the specialty of PET/CT technology.  His extensive experience in nuclear radiology provides physicians the guidance possible to assist in a clearer diagnosis of various oncological and neurological cases.  Dr. Cotton reads for National PET Scan facilities.

Who are our Patients

Although we're based in the state of Florida, our patients are not limited to Floridians only.  We receive patients from neighboring states, Latin American countries and as far away as Europe.  No matter where your geographical home may be, all our patients receive the same level of quality patient care.

Call National PET Scan to schedule your next PET Scan at our toll-free number 1 866 722-6937

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